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  1. The Eliminator - Eliminates harmful lead particles and smoke directly from the air in your shop. The 10-pocket bag filter purifies particulate substances as small as one micron in size. A more efficient HEPA filtering system is also available which reduces particulate substances to less than one micron. This powerful unit - built Barbee tough - will give your shop years of dependable service.
  2. Flush-Spray Booth - An economical booth that combines two necessary facets of the radiator repair shop... backflushing and painting. Allows the shop owner to take care of both functions in a minimum amount of space.
  3. Rate-O-Flo - This unit tests for stoppage in a radiator by measuring the number of gallons of water per minute that is going through the radiator. Even the best radiator men can't tell when they have a 10% or 15% stoppage. The Rate-O-Flo gives you the exact figures.....eliminates guess work. You will find this modern testing equipment the center of your repair shop. Modern shops using the Rate-O-Flo win customer confidence when they see the efficiency this equipment provides.
  4. Turbotank - Many radiator shops that are handling the larger radiators on a daily basis need larger cleaning facilities. This is the tank for you. Hydraulic power unit and elevator lowers and raises radiators in and out of hot caustic cleaning solution. Lid automatically opens and closes as elevator operates and brings the radiators to the surface for draining and easy removal.
  5. SST Super Sonic Tank - Ultrasonic cleaning is the fast, efficient method of removing rust, scale, grease and dirt from hard to clean automotive parts. Ultra-high frequency sound waves are produced in a cleaning solution by generators and submerged transducers. These intense vibrations cause millions of tiny bubbles to form and collapse on the surface to be cleaned. The Barbee SST Super Sonic Tank is manufactured by Barbee of high quality stainless steel for longer life and better services.
  6. Flex-Lift - Barbee's hydraulic Flex-Lift hoist and positioner are time tested and proven in the radiator trade. Rugged construction makes these lifts ideal for tackling heavy equipment jobs as readily as passenger car models. Cylinders are finest quality - polished and honed inside for minimum wear on bushings and pistons. All feature "floating piston" to eliminate torque stress. Your repairmen can lift and place a radiator in any conceivable position to facilitate testing and repair work.
  7. Test Tank - Specially built, heavy duty Radiator Testing Tank for shops of all sizes. Three models made of heavy-duty, double welded, 10 gauge steel and also available in stainless steel for years of service. Retractable front rack for positioning radiators outside the tanks. Entire tank reinforced underneath.
  8. Roto Lift - Radiator repair work is made easy with quality built hoist and radiator positioners. Easy clamps hold radiator to positioner carriage. The Roto Lift hoist and positioner will handle radiators up to 45" wide. Barbee's unique suspension with heavy duty V-rollers eliminates torque stress on piston shaft and bearings. All the piston shaft does is lift. Four points of swivel enable the operator to put the radiator in any position at any height at the touch of his hand without the need of changing clamp positions. All of the Barbee's lifts take the heavy work out of repairs.
  9. Rad Blast - Save valuable cleaning time on tanks, headers, fittings, etc. with this quick and more effective cleaning process - right in your own shop. The Rad Blast is a completely self-contained abrasive blasting equipment available in three sizes, each with a separate dust collector. The separator in the Rad Blast returns 75% of the blasting material to the hopper in the Rad Blast for reuse. The operator inserts his hands into the gloves provided and manipulates the gun and piece to be cleaned while controlling the air with the foot pedal, viewing the entire procedure through the large glass panel.





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